V6DU: Nowhere to Be Found

Hey guys, I have a V6DU M/B. The problem is I can't find it in the Jetway website. I'm pretty sure that it is a Jetway M/B. Everything I have about it is gone, except the M/B itself of course. I just want info about it, and I mean most updated. Did Jetway really take it of there website or did I just not look well enough?
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  1. The motherboard is 8+ years old, do you think they need to even try to have support for it? It uses PC-2100 memory, MAX 2gig, Socket-A for Athlon/Duron AMD CPU...

    Here's the users manual...Try using Google next time!

  2. Yeah, I did. Thanks anyway. I just wanted to see if they have anything beside the manual. Hehehe... I use a Duron, but I dual-channel PC-2700 RAM's with it. It's weird. Why do they work? Could you or anyone explain this phenomenon to me?
  3. If you were to check by running CPUz, you'd see the memory is actually running at 266mHz, not 333mHz...PC2100...You could run PC3200, it would still be 266...No magic at all!
  4. Oh... So it will be limited, but the frequency can go higher to any extent just as long as it's DDR(1), right? Thanks for the info...
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