How is this build??

amd phenom II 940

gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4

4gb ddr2 @800mhz

corsair 450vx

xfx 4850 ddr3

asus dvd rw

cooler master centurion 590 case

the problem is that which power supply should i get at the same price as the 1 i have mentioned and i want to use this pc for atleast a min of 2years.
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  1. plz help
  2. yours is a pretty good build the psu should handle the video card however you can find 550-600 watts power supplies on newegg for roughly the same amount and such supplies are better for future proofing should u ever decide to cross fire,everything else seems good so far it will be at least another year before ddr 3 really becomes standard and even then it won't be imperative for you to yeah everything else seems good
  3. thanks! but the problem is that im not from usa and the corsair 450 costs around $80 in my country and the 550 is really out of my budget. i was thinking of the tagan TG600-U37 but cant find its specs or reviews anywhere.

    1 more question is that now that the pII 945 is out should i wait for it or go with the p II 940?
  4. i am going to use a total of 5 120mm fans including the ones with the case.

    two of those are going to be plugged into the mobo

    how do i connect the rest three.

    sorry for the noob question this is my first build
  5. No. Your PSU is underpowered.

    I saw a good deal on a Corsair TX750W.

    You might get by with a good 550W but I'd go with between 600W and 750W to be safe. PSU's aren't all the same either. If you really know your stuff you can get a lower wattage and be safe.
  6. A PhII 720BE may save you some money toward a better PSU and/or video card.
  7. no i want the ph II 940 and im not based in the usa so no deals from newegg. then should i get this tagan BZ 500??

    and how do i connect the fans???
  8. im thinking of getting the corsair 550vx i think it'll be plenty
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