Gts 250 512mb using Precision. Help

So I decided to give OCing a try and before the after cooler for my e8400 arrives I wanna mess with my gpu. Using precision from EVGA and bought 3d vantage. My question is, when should I stop upping the core clock on the gpu? Im at 845 currently on core clock. And how about the memory clock, should I be moving that bar? Extremely new at this and only know that I have to move it up slowly.
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  1. What are your current temperatures? 845 MHz seems a bit high, but maybe not. Stop upping the core clock when it becomes unstable or the card runs too hot. The memory clock can also be moved as well, and treat it like the core clock - don't go too high, and keep within the temperature limits. Make sure it's all stable.
  2. If you have not already done so, download FurMark and check your OC using that, when it starts showing artifacts you have reached the limit, also as Lmeow says, check the temps of the card while running FurMark.
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