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I am using boot camp on my mac mini and it works fine. I slipstreamed a genuine WXHOEM_EN and a VRMSP_EN. The set up runs fine until the product key screen. I went into "unattend.txt" and got each product key. Both came out as not valid. How do i know what product key will work if i slip-streamed xp sp2? Please help!!!!
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  1. Problem...

    A genuine XP disk won't have it's product key in a file somewhere, it will be on a Certificate of Authenticity that comes with the CD.

    The sample key found in "unattend.txt" is fake and put there as a placeholder to show where the real key should go for legitimate persons making an unattended install. These are usually site licenses, pirates call them "Corporate Edition" CD's.

    Buy a genuine CD and it will come with a real CD Key.

  2. Thanks for the info. I ended up calling microsoft and gave them the "product number" (X********) and the gentleman on the phone provided me with a new product key and the install worked great.
  3. Yup, the real thing works every time. :)

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