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How to overclock amd phenom II x2 555 BE at biostar TA 790GX A3+
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  1. Hello Bran
    As all previous warnings, proceed at your own risk : )
    ** Note - Before proceeding, locate JCMOS1 for when you need to clear the CMOS...
    a) IF the system fails to start, shut off by depressing and holding the power button (or the on-board PWRSW1) for 10-15 seconds. Move JCMOS1 to position 2-3, wait several seconds, then replace to position 1-2. Power on the system.
    b) if depressing and holding the power switch does not work - switch off the power-supply, OR unplug the A/C power cable. Wait 5 seconds. Switch back on / plug in the cable, then power on the system.
    c1) The system may reach a state where no screen output may be reached. When / if this is the case, power off the system by one of the forementioned operations. Clear the CMOS, leaving the jumper on the connector for 10 seconds, and gently wiggle the connector to ensure it's connection. Restore JCMOS1 to position 1-2, and power on the system. This should start up.
    c2) If after having completed c1 and there's still no display, power off the machine. Remove all RAM modules. Power on the machine, wait 10 seconds, power off the machine. Replace RAM, verifying the correct memory slots for dual-channel or single-channel configuration. Power on the machine.
    d) if all prior methods have failed - with the machine powered off, but power-supply unit power-switch turned on, switch JCMOS1 to 2-3. Power on the system, wait 10 seconds, power off the system. Replace JCMOS1 to position 1-2, and power on the system.
    e) alternate several of these methods with one another, between power-off, power-cable unplugged, and switching of JCMOS1.

    ** BIOS configuration
    1) enter BIOS (press DEL key at first start-up)
    2) Select T-Series menu
    3) Configure "OverClock Navigator" to either Automate, or Manual.
    4a) if set to "Automate OverClock", select Exit => Save changes and exit
    4b) if set to Manual, proceed at your own risk :) => select CPU FID/VID control => Custom P-States: Enabled => Modify Core FID to desired clock => Modify NB FID to desired north-bridge FSB (or leave as default until further testing), select Exit => Save changes and exit

    Refer to processor-specific O/C values for optimum performance...
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