Upgrading from 7900GTX to 8800GT !!!


Like I said.I am upgrading my GPU to 8800GT,what results could I expect,how much difference will it make ???

Sistem :

E6600 2,4 @ 3,1
2x1 Ram
500 Watt Enermax
Samsung 1920x1200

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  1. 2x performance? I really don't know....

    8800gt>8600gt SLI

    8600GTS is almost =7800gtx?

    ...why not a 4830 though? Or do you want to use SLI?
  2. For that resolution I'd recommend at least HD4850 or 9800GTX+.
  3. I support 'theAnimal''s point.
  4. Can I even expect double performance compare with 7900GTX ?
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