Bad Motherboard?

Alright so here's whats been going on I built my own computer... and I use it to play World of Warcraft and Play Online Games like that. My Problem is when I'm online or just on the computer in general it'll just freeze out of no where and totally lock up to the point of I gotta shut it down manually. We all know this is bad for the computer. I've cleaned the Registery I've scanned for Viruses I've even wiped the computer clean and started from scratch again. Let me know what you think...

Motherboard is nForce 7 series - nForce 750i SLI
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  1. While it could be the motherboard, this type of problem could be caused by an unstable power supply, etc. You should list all components in your system.
  2. Alright,

    I have...

    Diablotek PHD550 550w ATX Black PSU (Powers Supply)

    XFX GeForce 9600 GSO 768MB PCIe x/Duel Link DVI (Video Card)

    2 Sticks of DDR2 Ram (Kingston I think...)

    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 2.66GHz

    I used two CD Drives from my Old Computers...

    NEC DVD+-RW ND-3450A ATA (Pulled this from Device Manager)

    SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616E ATA (Pulled this from Device Manager)

    Hard Drives are...

    Western Digital 360GB

    Western Digital 80GB (Used from old computer)

    This should be everything...
  3. Never heard of that PSU model. Cheap PSUs can cause all kinds of problems.
    If you have access to another computer, download and run Memtest to see if your memory is the problem. You can also download and run Ultimate Boot CD, which has a host of diagnostic tools.
  4. I took out the CD drives to lessen the power needed for the power supply to well... supply and it's still freezing on me... so I'm gonna try that Ultimate Boot CD thing and see what Happens.
  5. I am pretty much decideing on buying a New and not so Cheap... PSU probably an over priced one at Best Buy or maybe a decent priced one at Microcenter
  6. I ran the Ultimate Boot CD and I have all my files and everything... I don't have another computer to run a Memtest though.
  7. I thought Memtest was included on UBCD.
  8. cmichael138 said:
    I thought Memtest was included on UBCD.

    I don't know if it was or wasn't
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