HELP!!! new rig only using onboard gpu won't use GTX 285?

I put the new X58 build together yesterday everything works fine board and cpu Idle around 37 to 39 deg installed Vista but vista only see's the on board gpu, Vista gave me a performance rating of 1 because of the grafics. What is the problem? I tried to load the drivers from the cd but it keeps asking to go to the internet and won't let me load from the cd. We are getting high speed internet this week (Live in the sticks) so all we have for now is dial up and the new rig doesn't have a modem. Please Help
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  1. There is no such thing as onboard GPU on an X58.

    Apparently, you mean that you can only use the default Vista display driver for your video card.

    Perhaps you are not installing the correct drivers? What version of Vista are you using? 64-bit? Does the disk come with 64-bit drivers?
  2. I am running Vista 64 bit I am not sure if the cd has 64 bit drivers. I guess I will have to wait until I get the highspeed internet in to try and download the correct drivers
  3. You should be able to explore your CD and see if there is a folder with Vista 64-bit drivers.
  4. Ok: I will check and see if it has those drivers. I was assuming that my gpu was bad but apparently it could be just the drivers. There is a folder for vista drivers but I don't see one for 64 Bit. I guess I will try to download them at work onto a flash drive. Hope this does it. Thanks
  5. id be 99.9% sure ur graphics card is fine its just ur drivers that are misbehaving just do as proximon said, try and explore the DC to find the right drivers if u find it then try and run the setup from that file if it has an .exe setup file in it.

    if not try going to control panel find GTX 285 and properties update drivers and tell it to look in that specific folder

    if that doesnt work go on any computer say the library or school ect download the corect driver to usb stick if u cant wait for ur internet :)
  6. I have High speed at work, so I will download the drivers to a usb stick and hopefully that gets me going.I really hate dial up it said it would be 11 hrs to download the drivers to my old p4 dell
  7. I tried the control panel thing I assume I was supposed to do a search to find "GTX 285" it came up snake eyes, so I will try to download them to a usb stick today. This is frustrating all this I7 power and held up by drivers
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