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Hello , i have this motherboard : http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Products/ProductsDetailPhoto.aspx?DetailID=810&LanID=8
In my computer he looks like : http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/Vanskars/dammit.jpg and : http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/Vanskars/DSC00259.jpg

I decide to buy new video card "EVGA 9800 gtx+ " but i don't known if he support on my motherboard ?? In youtube when i watching videos , i see that this video card is very massive and big and length!

Sori for my English !
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  1. Yea, its a pci express slot so you should be able to run a 9800 gtx but, that looks like a really old mobo, ever look at trying to get a new rig, cause getting that 9800 gtx and running it on low quality components wont be goo at all.. basically bottlenecking the cpu if im correct.
  2. but if i buy it , u think this video card dont working ???
  3. The card would be to much for the mother board, after researching on the motherboard,

    Delivers up to a 4x increase in graphics and 2x I/O bandwidth for smooth multimedia performance,
    That card is 2.0 x16 pci-e.

    so, you need to find a descent 4x pci-e card or get a new mobo thats cheap.

    What sites do you usually look at for video cards? are you in the u.s.a or overseas?
  4. If you look below PCI Express on the left hand side of your mobo on that ecs group link, it says PCIEX1,

    meaning you need a graphic card thats pcie x1. the 9800gtx your wanting is 2.0 x16.

    way to much for that mobo, so recommend saving up for a new mobo instead.

    x1 pcie video cards have never dropped in price because no one really gets them anymore.
  5. i living in latvia . I look in ebay sometimes , there is good thinks :)
  6. Also, showing that the mobo uses DDR2 667,

    So i suggest you get this instead of buying a 169.99-190.00 dollar card thats overpriced.


    Foxconn G31
    supports 1 x16 2.0 slot.

    G.skills 2(2x1gb).
    tight timings,

    so, ram $33 total.

    Foxconn G31 $68.00 Total and a $10.00 M-I-R.

    9500gt $74.00 Total and a $10.00 M-I-R.

    looking at $175.00-$180.00 total, thats how much it would have cost around for a 9800gtx.
  7. They send products to Latvia ??
    And what u think about this motherboard "EVGA 680i"
    I can there put my Dual Core CPU ???
  8. 680i would be the same as the foxconn,
    but there not compatible with core 2 duo's.

    i dont think they do, you'll have to search them on another site, same products, or somethings thats similar.
  9. I saw this video i youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkyTmdYomoI
    He have 680i + dual core :)
  10. Theres different types of Dual cores, there core 2 duo's dual cores, etc.

    do you have a dual core or a core 2 duo.
  11. dual core :|
  12. you should be fine getting the 680i then,
  13. then , i can pput my dual core in 680i yes ?
  14. Yes, you can put your dual core on the 680i, what dual core is it?
  15. I have - DualCore Intel Pentium E2160, 1800 MHz (9 x 200)
    I know, its big ****.
    I m thinking about buy new CPU , c2d , but i dont have so much money now, for all of these components>
    Thats why i buy motherboard now, after that GPU and CPU :
  16. Yes, and sori for my English. Its not really good :|
  17. did you look at the amd specs?

    usually for a low end computer, amd is the way to go, intel is more for performance in high end.
  18. heres an amd spec, very good.


    Gigabyte motherboard

    Amd athlon x2 6000+

    $90.00 for the cpu and around $60. for the mobo, you'll need ddr2 800 memory, so
    heres these, $28.00

    add it all up thats less than $180.00
  19. tnx u allot fullumetall , but i wont some stronger pc, like evga 680i or newest, then 9800 gtx+ and c2d e8400 or something like that.
    I want this PC for futer too , i wont play GTA IV, Crysis and other good games :)
    Neweeg send products to Latvia ?
  20. not that i know of, but, your wanting these latest parts but, say you cant afford it, so i dont know what your real budget is.

    if you cant get from newegg, look at the parts, then find a site that has similar components
  21. ventru.. u have to careful about ur PSU(Power supply Unit)... coz when u have 9800GTX+ type of high end graphics card u need a very good power supply unit(550W or more with (two X 6pin) pci express power connector).. soo pls keep that in mind ..

    i recently got my XFX 9800GTX+ Black Edition :bounce: .. its a HUDGE card.. i had 2 move my HDD to fit this HUDGE card in my casing

    take care buddy
  22. 9800gtx's arent the look at anymore,

    GTS 250 is something i would go for if you want a card like the 9800gtx,

    smaller/just a little faster/ 1gb memory other than 512mb.
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