Help Choosing a Motherboard?

Hey guys ordering my new pc in a few days and need help choosing a motherboard.Im looking to spend about $400-$500 althought i was considering the R3E but if u guys could list any would be great was also looking at the


or even any boards for a bit cheaper didnt really wanna spend that much on the R3E but i also wanted to mention i will be running a Air Cooled system not watercooling and i will be overclocking not asap but later on once i learn it all so whichever board would run cooler with airflow would be great as well,i have read alot of things about the r3e and ud7 and heard great things about both but nothing much about the evga one so yeh any info asap would be good b4 i go ahead and order one thnx.
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  1. Hello Jagus,

    If you can't decide yet take a look here, three new flagship LGA 1366 Mobo's rounded up for you and ofc i would go for the R3E since it's 21$ less then your dedicated budget and more reliable then the competitors.
  2. nx alot for the link and the info on R3E.
  3. Hi.

    $500 for a mobo with air cooling? Very funny :lol: I would go with this:

    1- ASUS P6X58D-E
    2- Swiftech H20-220-APEX ULTIMA
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