Steps to Flash BIOS without OS - HELP PLEASE

PLease help a Noobie. I hope this helps other Noobies.........
What it the corect steps in flashing your BIOS on a new install before the OS is installed?

1. Download latest BIOS version from ASUS and save on CD.
2. Get into the bios to tell the system to boot to the CD ROM drive on bootup.
3. Insert the CD into the CD reader.
4. Bootup the system and it will boot from the CD ROM


1. Download latest BIOS version from ASUS and save on CD.
2. Insert the CD into the CD reader.
3. Bootup the system and you will be able to select the BIOS update utility?
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More about steps flash bios please
  1. Your CD has to be bootable, and simply burning a file to disk will not make it so. They should provide an ISO to burn with, if that is the method they want.

    What does your manual say to do?
  2. The manual says to save the BIOS update to a USB Flash Disk.

    Is a USB Flash Disk the same as a USB Thump Drive?
  3. Yes, a USB Flash Disk is the same as a USB Thumb drive. You can use EZ Flash 2 and either your USB or a floppy to update bios without having an OS installed.
    You can also create a bootable DOS floppy holding Asus AFUDOS and the new bios file and flash it that way.
    Since you did not mention your motherboard model, I am assuming that these options are available. This is standard Asus stuff.
    You obviously cannot use the "Asus Update" utility for flashing the bios since that runs within Windows.
  4. Thanks Proximon and Newf!

    I have the P6T Deluxe. The Easy Flash 2 is available and the user guide as detailed steps. I will use a USB Flash Thumb Drive

    Thanks again for you help.
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