X2 7750 Black Edition: Kuma dual-core only? Or possible 1/2-quad

So far I've gently O/C'd the 7750 CPU to a stable 3.3ghz, then decided to check the CPU calibration... which shows 4 cores(?) but no option to turn off any, just to set % performance adjustment.

AMI BIOS A78DD-A2T, v02.61 i if it makes any difference...

Is the Kuma core a straight dual-core? OR is it possible that it is a quad-core...
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  1. The 7750 BE is basically a Phenom die that they disabled parts on to cover a market of cheaper chips. So no its not a true dual core its really a quad core with two disabled and with ACC enabled it will unlock the disabled cores. If you download CPU-Z from www.cpuid.com it will show as a Phenom(tm) FX-7750.
  2. Thanks for the reply

    While I've read quite a bit on the quad-core theories, all settings I've tried result in 1 physcial processor with 2 logical cores - where as IF the CPU *had* 3 or 4 cores it would show it as such - even if 1 or more were "bad".

    Which, is why I'm think'n the Kuma *might* be only a true dual-core CPU... IE, NOT an Agena CPU (Phenom). I haven't (yet) found details / specs to show any Kuma CPU's are actually 4-core.
  3. the Kuma 7750 is a crippled Agena, so no its not a true dual core (just like Saaiello pointed out). Some have been able to unlock the cores(takes a miracle), the unlocking rate on the Kumas is around 4-5% as opposed to an x2 555 which is around 80%. I have 2 of them, both are crap CPU's unless you are going to use them for websurfing/HD viewing/old games etc..
  4. Kuma is Agena with 2 cores disabled, most of the original processor reviews do mention it. AMD needed a better dual core processor but never got around to making a native 65nm K10 based dual core.
  5. Kinda misleading (borderlining false-advertisement in a way) to name the same CPU something different; If you bought a Ford with a 351 Windsor, you know it's not the same physical block as a 351 Cleveland... Or for anyone less familiar with Ford's debacle - It's like getting a Dodge called a "Hemi", while not having a Hemi-engine in it... Ford had different castings.

    Thanks for the input.
  6. what's misleading about the 7750?
  7. I was able to unlock this core mine is a Athlon II X2 7850 BE i unlocked it once it was tooo hot on stock cooler (set bios to default) so i upgraded coolers and now i cant unlock it and its quite annoying how do i unlock again?
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