Is this a high temp?

Hi, recently purchased a gateway lx 6810-01....The computer would shut itself off by itself. So I sent it back to gateway. Just got it back couple days ago. Still shutting down (Gateway said nothing wrong)..Sent it back again..Before I sent it back the first time ran this test called "Everest"......It gave me a readout of everything in the computer....While looking at it this morning the temp reading on this stood out....MCP temp read 93 celsius...Thats 199 degrees...Is that high? What is MCP? Could that be my problem? Or is that a normal temp for this MCP thing...The motherboard is a Nvidia MCP7A....Thanks....
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  1. no, that temp isn't normal, on my previous hp with a nvidia board and amd cpu, I got to the trigger temp (102 C) and passed it more then once hence my computer shuted down in order to safeguard the cpu.
    go back to the company and show them on the spot the readings and that it shuts down by itself.
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