Unable to boot in DOS to change GPU's BIOS, help!

Hi all, this seemed like the most appropriate place to post this so here goes.

I've tried just about every DOS boot disk with a flash drive possible in order to change my GPU's BIOS in DOS - but the problem, I can't boot up with DOS no matter what I try as I always get the problem 'NTLDR missing', everytime.

What can I do about this? my operating system is Windows 7 64bit and i've googled my ass off trying to find a solution but found myself nothing but a massive migraine in doing so.

Again as i've said I've tried various DOS boot disk guides, setup files etc etc but none of them work as I just get 'NTLDR is missing'.

Any help on this would be reaaaaaaally appreciated, it's doing my nut :sweat: Thanks.
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  1. Did you go into the bios and change the flash drive to first in the boot priority?
  2. Aye, aswell as selecting USB from the boot menu i've set USB (removable device) as first priority, to no avail.
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