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Hey everyone!
I have a rig I built about 5 months ago, and its working great. I used the EP45-UD3P, with a sata 3 WD 320GB HD, and a LG DVD-RW. Both these are plugged into the yellow SATA ports on the motherboard, but when I turn the computer on, after showing the POST, it gives me an intel SATA BIOS screen, which is a real pain in the butt because it takes like 45 seconds to load. If I plug my 2 drives into the purple gigabyte sata ports, will this screen go away, and will everything work normally?


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  1. My guess is that AHCI might be enabled in the BIOS; I use Intel's RAID, which, similarly, loses about twelve or thirteen seconds for the RAID BIOS' 'discovering & checking' the drives; if I have to do numerous reboots to fiddle in the BIOS, I just disable RAID, and the drives come up individually (&quickly!) on the main POST screen, but I always start by setting the first boot item to 'CDROM', and keep a bootable MemTest in the drive to 'catch' the boot; this prevents the system from doing anything with the seperate drives, which will 'break' the RAID. There seems to be no discernible advantage to running AHCI; I haven't verified this for the Intels, but have for the jMicrons - I get exactly the same benchmark scores with a Seagate 1.5, AHCI on or off. You really want to keep your drives on the Intel channels (at least 'till you've 'used them all up' - I have seven drives and an ODD, so I'm pretty much 'stuck' with a jMicron port...) - they're faster, better integrated, and better supported! The performance difference is easily understood - if you look at the system block diagram near the front of your manual, you will see that the Intel drives are connected directly to the southbridge, while the jMicron (GSATA) chip is 'hung off' the southbridge's PCIe bus. The 'bug list' for the jMicrons is extensive - GhislainG here on the forum recommends just disabling them to avoid the grief... He points out here:
    that new Intel drivers are available...
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