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Am new to tech as well as the forum. So keep your answere's as detail as possible.
My desktop pc has a intel dual core e5400. I knew that it is 2.7 GHz. As i bought 2.7 GHz. But recently i saw something strange. I was willing to overclock my processor. But when i looked into the BIOS it says that i have 1.7 GHz processor (8.5x200). I could'nt understand. I checked my dxdiag report. There it says " Dual core E5400 @ 2.7 GHz ~ 1.7 GHz". What does it means by the 1.7 GHz ? I checked the intel's website for the specification of my processor. It says it is 2.7 GHz. So whats the problem ? Why it shows 1.7 GHz in the bios ? If i overclock the processor as i did in bios it reached 1.9 GHz and then checked the dxdiag report it says 1.9 in the place of 1.7 . So please tell me what's wrong. Is my processor 1.7 GHz ? But why ? I bought a 2.7 one. I just want to know that is my cpu is really 1.7 or it's 2.7 one and i have to change some settings to get the 2.7 ? Thanks in advance.
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  1. My motherboard is gigabyte G41-ES2L. Bios version F6. Thought it would be necessary.
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    It's the Intel Speedstep kicking in and lowering your multiplier to 8.5 when it's idle. Normally it'd be 13.5 to get to the 2.7Ghz on a 200 Mhz FSB.

    You can disable Speedstep if you want, but you don't have to as it'll ramp up the multiplier when the CPU is under load. Some people disable it for max OC, but I OC'd an E8200 from 2.6 to 3.6 with SpeedStep on, so it's not a requirement.
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  4. Thanks bro. Always have nice weekend ;-)
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