What is Operational Lifespan in SSD?

What is Operational Lifespan in SSD?

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  1. I've seen that sminlal has said: 20 yrs @ 5GB writes/day.
  2. Intel's claim is actually "at least" 5 years at 20GBytes of writes per day.

    You also have to be aware that the static charges on the flash memory cells dissipate over time. The information I've seen suggests the stored data should last around 10 years or so - after that it's probably prudent to back up and restore everything so that the cells are freshly charged.
  3. My bad! Maybe I'm dislexic (can't spell!).
  4. I really wanna ask this... without opening a new thread, does reading data effect the SSD too? I normally just get a HD and plug it in to my PC, its too hard sometimes to choose and 20GB a day seems a lot, someone would have to be working really hard lol
  5. You can read as many times as you want and it won't impact the life expectancy of the drive.
  6. foscooter said:
    Maybe I'm dislexic (can't spell!).

    Then this one is definitely for you: http://xkcd.com/745/ :D
  7. ohhhhhhh..... Can an one make it more clear? :(
  8. what isn't clear? "at least" 5 years at 20GBytes of writes per day" seems pretty straightforward. They can't tell you exactly how long to the minute, unless someone can predict the future.

    These numbers are all based on averages. If you have a million of them, a few are going to be dead on arrival, a few will die quickly, etc. MOST will last several years, some could last longer. There's too many usage factors for them to say exactly. So they come up with simple marketing terms like "at least" 5 years at 20GBytes of writes per day to give you a ballpark.
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