Ways to make 3 monitors look like one

Wondering what are ways to make 3 monitors look like one (for instance 3 22 inch monitors at 1650x1050 to be 4950x1050) I know of the Triple head to go, but are there any others solutions, preferably software based to cut down on cost?
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  1. What exactly do you mean by making it look like one? I have three 22 inch monitors as well. How thick are your screen borders?
  2. I haven't actually bought the monitors yet.
  3. Ah, Well check out Club4ghz's videos for an idea of what it will look like. here is a link to one of his many vids.


    In my opinion 66 inches is quite nice :P
  4. Thats great, but no offense its not really answering my questions,I want to game on 3 monitors, and have compatible with 90% of games, The Triplehead2go is a perfect match, but spending 200+ is to expensive to me just for adapter.
  5. After doing some research I found Soft TH, Il post what I posted there hoping I can get as many of my questions answered as possible =)

    Seems to be hard to find info on multi monitor setups, and I originally planned on going with Triplehead2go, but saw this program.
    Heres some info on my rig for reference:
    C2D e8400
    2gb of corsair 1066mhz ram
    8800gt (plan on upgrading)
    EVGA 750i FTW mobo

    Here are my Questions:
    1. I have a single 8800gt with only 2 adapters, but want 3 monitors. Iv heard something about putting in a graphics card (have a spare 7300le) in (not as sli) and it uses it as a way to plug in 3 monitors, but renders everything on 8800gt?
    2. Can I have AA turned on with games?
    3.Can my system/ SoftTH handle 3 22 inch monitors at 1680x1050 or 19inch at 1440x900
    4. (also important to 3.) Out of these games, which are compatible with this program, and will display a bigger view angle, not stretch it. Also if theirs potential issues let me know (if it needs mods or things changed let me know also)
    Crysis+Crysis warhead
    Team Fotress 2 (important)
    Counter Strike Source(guessing if TF2 and CSS work most mods will 2)
    Left 4 Dead
    Lord of the Rings Conquests
    Dead Space
    Far Cry 2
    World of Warcraft (important)
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Ijji Gunz (doubt it, but worth a try)
    Warcraft 3
    Company of Heroes

    Also Last but not least, if these games don't work in multi screen mode using SoftTH, how hard is it to switch between so its set as 1 monitor?

    If somethings unclear on my post, or more info somehow needed let me know, thanks.
  6. At your current configuration, it will not work if you put in the 7300 and the 8800 card at the same time. You can try putting in 2 video connects for you 8800 card and buy one of these


    Buy whatever you plug into this evga usb connection, I doubt you can do any video acceleration in it.
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