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hi, i just got a brand new laptop with mcafee pre-installed...when i boot up, the mcafee screen says "your computer is at risk", gives me a choice to "check status" or "close". I picked on Check Status, it say the status is off, turn it on... I pressed "turn on" ..then the screen just show running and I can't even close the window... and freezes up the laptop... so frustrating!!!!
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  1. Wont go to Mcafee issues, but get get something else, that actually "wont obstruct your life". . and slow down your PC.

    Get rid of it and get <scan for virus first>


    and u are set.

    And if u have(64-bitWin7) they have that too for free.
  2. I may be jumping to conclusions a little quick, but it sounds infected, was this a display Laptop? Some business use Display Laptops to do quick data transfers for customer, I have heard that these Lappy/Desktops get infected on a regular basis. '

    Try getting the serial from the product if you can see it before it locks up, then uninstall the program, and jump on Cnet (Trusted website) and download the same version that has allot of download requests, this will determine if the Pc is infected or there is an issue with the software itself.

    >Downloading an application with allot of download requests will reduce the chance of getting a malicious link.
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