FSB resets on its own,


I know enough about overclocking just to get myself in trouble. I used one of the guides that seemed to make the most sense. I am running a P5NE-SLI Asus, E5300 chip, standard cooling, DDR 6400C4 Corsair 2GB mem. I started off by dropping my multiplier to 6 and finding my FSB hole. turns out to be 1525. I went back to set my multiplier to stock 13 and work from there. But everytime I boot back up after a change it reverts back to factory setting for the chip, 800FSB, 13 multiplier linked. Anyone have any ideas why my board resets to chip defaults?? also I am running the 1404 BIOS
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  1. Cold boot or any reboot? If it only happens with a cold boot then its probably the CMOS battery. If any reboot causes it then I have no idea.
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