P3 Laptop HDD issue

Can anyone tell me if there is a USB to IDE converter available? I know what the general responce would be, so here is my reason why:

I have a P3 Dell Laptop, which does not have a BIOS upgrade, and therefor cannot boot from USB. The HD crashed, and could'nt find a replacement (only supports up to 20GB), so I soldered an IDE cable onto the board, and connected a standard 10GB IDE drive, with an external power supply. This worked perfectly for about 2 years, then that drive crashed <- my stupidity, as I didn't make a robust casing for it... Now, I seem to struggle to find a small enough IDE drive to use, and then it hit me... There is enough small enough USB memory sticks out there. NOW, I need to convert that to connect directly onto my IDE cable.

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  1. nope, you got it wrong... I need the opposite of that...

    I need to connect the memory stick to the IDE port, and not a PATA to usb.

    But a nice try anyway...
  2. OOO, ok, leme see if i can find one :)
  3. is this what your looking for?

  4. nope, is the same as the previous stuff...

    Ok, when you look at that cable, sort of the same thing, but wrong. In stead of having a usb plug (male), it should have a socket (female) and the 40pin connector (which in this pic is female) should be 40pin male...

    In other words, I want to plug my memory stick onto a cable and plug it into my pc's ide cable
  5. nope.... sorry my man... didn't cut it...

    I've come to the conclusion, there is no sollution available on earth...
  6. Well, i think i got it:

    Female to Female IDE converter (couldnt find one, you might have to make one...)

    IDE to USB converter:


    Female to Female USB device:


    You have made it my mission to figure this thing out :)
  7. COOL,

    But the best way for me to explain exactly what I am looking for is this:

    When you unplug your old PATA HDD, the cable I'm looking for, must plug into it's place, then on the other end of the cable, any memory stick.
  8. I dont know of any cable that can do what your looking for. you would have to make one. Will the above attempt not do it?
  9. but that is my point... I can't find anything remotely close to what I need... Do you know of someone who can make something like that?
  10. Hmmm, you might want to locate your local HAM (amateur radio) radio club. They usually have someone that would be nice enough to make something like that. And provided the parts, put it together for free.
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