Noisy PC. Normal CPU fan rpm? Need case fan?

I have just built a PC:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
Graphics: Radeon HD 4670 1 GB
Memory: G-skill Pi Black 4 GB (DDR2 800)

I think the PC is noisy, so I have some questions regarding that:
1. I do not have any case fans at the moment. Do I need that? Will that lower the noise (because of lower CPU and GPU fan speeds?)
2. What is normal CPU fan speed? Mine was at slightly more than 2000 when I was just surfing. Is that normal? The temperature is only 30 C, so I would think that the fans should relax some...

/ Jeremia
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  1. Are you sure that you've put the fan control on in the BIOS? Even if you've got a program to control it then the BIOS might stop it doing anything.

    Case fans aren't necessary if you're at 30C while surfing.

    Are you sure that no wires are touching the fan and that they're installed correctly?
  2. Thanks for your reply!
    1. No, fan control was not on in BIOS. Now it is. Thanks.
    2. I got the 30C right after I had taken off part of the case. It seems that the temparature dropped quite fast then. Another time when I looked it was 42C while surfing/installing software.
    3. I am quite sure that the CPU fan is installed properly... I mean it is locked over the CPU and it is connected to the cpu fan connector. But, like I said, it feels like it still makes to much noise. I will double check if any cables are touching it...

    I am going to install an 120 mm exhaust case fan in the upper rear and make it go slow, so I will at least have some air exhaust, just to be safe.

    Thanks for the feedback! (And sorry for late response back from me)

    / Jeremia
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