Overclock Phenom II x4 955 BE

I Really do not know much about overclock and i would like to learn to do this before i purchase this CPU for my gaming computer. I understand that black edition makes it much easier and i would just like to know a couple or recommended settings i am not looking to extremely push the system just to make it a little better than the normal settings. Please leave advice or concerns below. Thanks
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  1. First, what motherboard are you using?
  2. Here is the Motherboard I will be using sorry i didnt include it

    also here is the RAM i'm using as well.
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    Simple. In the BIOS, set the multiplier to 18. Leave everything else to on AUTO or default. You should be stable at 3.6 Ghz.
  4. Okay thanks Alot
  5. ^ Download and then run Prime 95... and check your temperatures with HW Monitor, make sure it's below 55°C.
  6. Am i going to have to purchase a CPU cooler or will i be alright with the stock cooler if im only going up to about 3.6 GHZ?
  7. You might be alright, the fan may be quite loud however.
  8. You've come this far to get superior overclocked quadcore performance. Invest another $20 for a Cooler Master Hyper 212 and you'll have less fan noise and cooler temps.
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