2x 3870X2's Crossfire doesn't work.

Hello. current specs are as follows

Foxconn X38A mobo
Q6600 @ 3.0ghz
(2x2048) G-skill PC8500
2x Visiontek 3870X2's
Onboard sound
750W power supply, 1x12V @60A

He has Vista x64 home edition, he is trying to get CrossfireX working. Unfortunately all he can get is 3 of the 4 cores operating, we have no clue why, when we try to do a fresh install and activate 4 cores we get a blue screen that says "page on non page" something or other.

Now he also gets the ATIMDAG error when playing WoW, he just tried updating to the latest drivers the other day and it starts installing, the screen goes black..comes back..goes black..comes back..goes black.. comes back.. then blue screens..

Any clue as to what is happening here? We've tried various methods like cleaning the system out completely of ATI drivers then reinstalling them. Installing the lower card first, then the top, etc..

And the weird thing of it all is that GPUZ reads 3 of the cores running.. but the 4th isn't.. and it only shows "6" monitors available when there should be 8..

Had this issue for a while, any thoughts?
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  1. Does each card work correctly by it's self?
  2. Yes sir, in CCC it shows 3 but the 4th is disabled.. messed up eh? yet both work fine individually
  3. Dude, if you go to the forums on the amd website:

    You'll find that this is the same issue for ppl with quad-fire setups! You can only avoid this by going back to the catalyst 8.11 (i think ) drivers - if you look on the forum its on all the most recent threads because even the new 9.2 drivers have this issue.

    One reason to get an nvidia - Ati have sh*t driver support especially for 64bit OS, and I mean that - if you looik at a release notes for the new drivers its ludicrous how they openly accept that the most prolific problems haven't been sorted in months. Truly crap - if i didn't have a 4870x2, I'd think about nvidia.

    One good thing though, the new 9.2 do give you a 20% increase in crysis, crysis warhead, farcry2 etc... so i guess that is good. I'll be staying with my 8.10 drivers in the meantime just so as not to f*ck anything up
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