XFX ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 Power Requirement!!!

Guys finally got a XFX ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 yesterday...hope its better than 9500gt..So i want to know how much power (amps in 12v rail)) its require to run perfectly???I got a psu of 500watts with 12v 16amps rail..Will this work???

P4 3ghz ht
1.5gb ddr1 ram at 400mhz
intel 915GAV mb (has one PCIe x16 slot)
450 watt PSU

Please post your valuable replies waiting..
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  1. Your mobo should support all current graphics cards from slowest to fastest..What's your budget for the upgrade? Can't you upgrade the whole system? Its so old !
  2. thanxxx avatar_raq...but cant upgrade at this point..
  3. Quote:
    I am planning to buy a 1GB or 512mb nvidia geforce 9500 gt graphics card for my pc soon

    Don't. Save up the money and get a 4830. Minimum, get a 4670 which beats the 9500GT by a fair ammount. See:

    Considering that the 9500GT is ~$60-65 (before MIR), the 4670(~$60 after MIR; $70 before MIR) is a very good price vs. performance option. Prices based off of Newegg's current prices.
  4. Quote:
    Don't. Save up the money and get a 4830. Minimum, get a 4670 which beats the 9500GT by a fair ammount.

    Ya thats right also 4650 is better than 9500 gt...i will try to get it if available..but tell will these work with my mobo????
  5. As I told you, all current gfx cards use the 16x PCI-E slot which you have, so just snap it in and install the driver!
  6. thanxx guys..& can u ppl suggest cheap & best alternative to 9500 gt in ati radeon???price upto $65 only..
  7. ^ATI 4670. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161252
    $60 after MIR and free shipping.
  8. thanxxx Shadow703793 for the info but can i get it in india via newegg???
  9. ^Ah.... you never said any thing about being outside US. No idea where you can buy them in India. AFAIK Newegg doesn't ship to India. Perhaps if you have family/friends/relatives in the US they may be able to ship it to you?
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