New Custom Built $1000 computer questions

Alright so I'm building a new computer I have about $1000 to lay down on this machine I figured a few things I want already, I just need help with a few of the other components.

What I got down so far:

Corsair 650watt Power Supply
WD 500gb Hard Drive
Graphics Card: GTX 260
G. Skill 4gb Ram
Generic DVD Drive

Those parts are a total of about $490 that leaves me with another $500
I still need:

Possible CPU heat sync
and a case.

I wasn't sure wether or not to go for a new Phenom II the i7's just cost to much or stick with like a Q9500 or something and what motherboard. Im going to be over-clocking it, and pushing it pretty hard so I need a decent mobo that overclocks well, Im also looking for a decent case obviously without a power supply, I dont want any of the clear sided LED lighted crap just a well built nice looking classy case.

Hope you guys can help me!
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  1. A couple of suggestions -

    First off, dump the 500gb wd and get the 640gb caviar black for a bit more. It's currently the fastest drive available due to its density and offers better storage per dollar. -

    The cpu is somewhat dependent on what your needs are. If you are all about gaming, you might want to consider a dual core option like the E8500 and spend some extra cash on a better gpu. -

    They overclock extremely well and would suit most all needs. If you do a lot of video or image work and need more cores to speed up rendering processes, then the Q6600 is a powerhouse of an overclocker and would fit your budget -

    If you wanted to spend a bit more, you could go with the Q9550, but it might bump you a bit over your $500 budget. -

    For the motherboard, I would go with this one either way -

    ASUS P5Q pro

    In terms of a modest looking case, I would go with the Coolermaster 690. It's one of my favorite looking cases and also one of the best performers out there -

    In terms of cooling, I like the xigamteks -

    and retaining bracket -

    Both the duo and quad routes total to about $435 before tax, shipping and rebates.

    Hope some of this gave you some good ideas.
  2. Thanks man so you dont recommend the Phenom II ?
  3. I'd say go for the PIIx4 920 over the Q6600.
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