Dell Dimension E310 no boot device available

Here is senerio. computor was sluggish, slow starting, forever to load programs....had McAfee for 10 years.. never a problem..bought Fix-It Utlilities 11 Professional. Stopped McAfee as directed by new soft ware. New software cleaned up computer, super fast, daily disk check, daily virus definition updates, deleted temp files, cked registry, hockey keys, start up menu etc....5 days could not have ask for better performacne..6th day black screen... not boot device available strike F1 or F2...Windos xp disk did not with computer when purchased, program was already loaded. I have tried the rescue disk with Fix-It... nothing. Went through direction line by line. Can get no further than black screen F1 or F2...made sure cd roam was working and in boot menu, cd/dvd was also in boot menu, hard drive....nothing
Disconnected all peripheials...Should be able to recover from program in windows, btu can't get to it.
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  1. I s the hdd listed as the first boot device?
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