AGP 8x 4x confusion ASUS A8v Deluxe mobo, help plz

I am quite confused over an issue with my pc, i am trying to start a new system.

But I have this ASUS Board, model a8v deluxe. on the box it tells me it is agpx8
it is 1.5v

that should be an image of cpu-z showing my agp

I want to buy a new agp g-card, but i cant figure out what its going to run through the agp at. 8x or 4x?

oh and there is an option in the bios which mentions something (will check it now and post back)
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  1. ok, it says
    "V-Link 8x Supported" = Enabled
    "AGP 3.0 Calibration Cycle" = Enabled

    other info:
    I Have currently installed a: Geforce 4 ti4600
    I am using the latest VIA Chipset drivers: VIA_HyperionPro_V524A (4 in 1 which includes agp drivers)
  2. According to Chapter 4, page 4-22, your motherboard supports 8x. It will probably default to that setting; however, if not you can enter the BIOS and arrow over to "Advanced" and look under "AGP Mode". If it doessn't show 8x, you can go into "Configuration Options" and change it from 4x to 8x.
  3. Thanks I have tried that, the maximum it allows is 4x (doesnt show a 8x option)

    It might be my graphics card which i originally thought was agp8x, but now i think its 4x.

    Could this be why windows is using agp version 2.0?
    Or should it be using version 3.0?
  4. You said you were running a TI4600? I still have that card in one of my old AGP builds. It's a great card and extremely reliable! To confirm your thoughts, the TI-4600 is only a 4x card...... You can throw it in an 8x agp slot, but it won't run at 8x.....
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