Mobo for Pentium D 3.2Ghz + 8800GT


I have an 8800GT and a Pentium D 940 @ 3.2Ghz but my current motherboard
support Core 2 processors. As I will eventually want to upgrade to a cpu
which doesn't so substantially bottleneck the 8800 I intend to upgrade to
a nForce 630i with some 800Mhz RAM rather than my current 533Mhz. I have 2

1. Why is the 630i so cheap? (i.e. what's wrong with it?)

2. Is there any other sequence of upgrades for a similar price (max £100) that will
either directly improve performance or allow future Core 2 compatibility?

Any component or bundle suggestions would be helpful.


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  1. Quote:
    I have an 8800GT and a Pentium D 940 @ 3.2Ghz but my current motherboard
    support Core 2 processors.
    What motherboard do you have and why are you looking for a Core 2 compatible motherboard if you already have one?

    Why is the 630i so cheap?
    Because it's a low-end chipset and motherboards based on it are limited to 2 memory slots. The main benefits are on-board video and low cost. I just don't see how that chipset will provide a performance improvement.
  2. There are literally a ton of good boards out there, and I am sure someone will jump and give you suggestions. I am going to be short with my first suggestion though, start out by NOT looking at anything with an nVidia chipset.

    And, actually your 8800GT is a pretty good match for that Pentium D.
    Upgrading processors won't do a whole lot for it, it is a fairly low-end gaming card by todays standards.

    I would suggest, at your budget, looking at some of the Phenom II platforms.
    This one for instance would allow you to reuse your current DDR2 memory, and upgrade later, and later on a better GPU. Very nice bang for your buck with something like this. It's a black series processor, which means the multiplier is unlocked and very easily allow you to dial it up to 3 or 3.2 ghz with little problem.
    Would be like night and day over your Pentium D.
  3. I currently have an ASUS Emery 1.05 mobo (according to CPUID) which I am pretty sure won't support much above a Pentium D. Max ram frequency is 667Mhz. The Phenom still looks a bit expensive. I like the idea of eventualy having an E5200 or similar (quite cheap and better that many C2Ds). I am unfortunately a little afraid of overclocking. Thanks for any further suggestions.

  4. Sorry to double post but I want to 'rephrase'/completely change the question:

    I know it's a big ask but can you suggest any decent and cheap 775 socket motherboards that support both Pentium D and Core 2

    I only ask because with the huge increase in GPU power recently I may eventually want a GPU with "GTX" in its name.

    Thanks again
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