List of gigabyte motherboards,but which one to get?

here is the list of the gigabyte motherboards.
but i dont know which one to get.
they are p55 range for the i5 760.
i do want to overclock and i have 1tb cavier black
on the list,this is for gaming purpose and other applications,
also what cpu cooler should i get as well? 5850 is in the list,
the new dominator gt corsair 1600mhz c6 memory ram
is in the list as well.any suggestions?thanks.
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  1. I have a UD5 with Corsair Dominators and a Thermalright MUX-120 cooler.
    All dimms are filled and no ram/dimm interference issues.
    Something that is very important since your ram is tall/if you decide to fill all dimms.
    The MUX-120 has a very small mobo footprint and the included fan is dead quiet(under 20 decibels)
    I use a i7 860 not oc'd and idle at 33-35C depending on room temp.
    I also run a 5850.
    Anyone of those boards will be good if you only run one gpu.
    If you decide to crossfire in the future the UD4P and the A version of the UD6 limit usb3 and sata3 functions to usb2 and sata 2.
    The UD5 and UD6(REG) crossfire at x8/x8 no problem.
    The UD7 which is the flagship board can crossfire at x16/x16.
  2. ok no worries then,i have made a new thread for the gaming tower,please take a look and see what you think.i wont be doing crossfire though,as it uses up more power and i decided go for ud6 mobo and a 5770 super overclock instead because its cheaper and im sure it will be smooth too!i changed the c6 to c7 memory ram.thank you for the suggestions.
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