Asus m4a785-m help

ok i got a asus m4a785-m and im very new to overclocking ive looked up how to over clock but my bios menu is totally different from everyones that i see or read about heres whats in the menu i got

cpu overclocking
gpu overclocking
pcie overclocking
processor frequency multiplier
cpu over voltage
vddnb overvoltage
ht link frequency
ht link width
ht over voltage
memory clock mode
dram timing mode
memory over voltage
chipset over voltage

thats whats in the menu and i have no idea what to do ive messed with the cpu over clocking and the processor overclocking but thats as far as i have got because i have no idea where to start to overclock i just set everything to auto because i dont want to fry my computer but i got very good cooling i will list my specs if needed.
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  1. I seriously suggest you look a Phenom II overclocking guide (applies to Athlon IIs as well) and learn the terms, see what they do, and download Prime 95 and Core Temp/HWMonitor for stability/heat checking.
  2. thanks a lot i looked into the phenom II guide and it helped me out a lot i have prime 95 and after each change i made to my system i ran it for 10 mins just to see if anything was messed up.

    thanks to that guide i was able to improve my system but im not 100% sure i did it right so im going to list what all i did and im running prime 95 for 24 hrs jsut to make sure it will run and i downloaded speedfan for the temps.

    cpu/ht reference clock= (220mhz)
    cpu multiplier= (x9.0 1800mhz)
    ht link or fsb= (1000 mhz)
    ht over voltage= (1.2v stock)
    memory clock= (400mhz)
    dram timing= (5-5-5-15 for 2 1066 2gig)
    memory overvoltage=(2.1v)

    thas what all i have done so far i was going to mess with chipset overvoltage and change it but i didnt know if i should or shouldnt from me doing this my core temp is running at 30c and my processor is running at 40c im running the most harsh test you can with prime 95 the one that test maxheat/ power consuption and some ram tested

    but if anyone sees something wrong please tell me but so far my system is running good and smooth no problems at all but for some reason i feel like i can do more and did some things wrong not sure if i did but i just feal like that maybe because its my first time overclocking.
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