Hi I want to buy motherboard, and I have indecision between two motherboards asus rampage 2 gene or asus p6t deluxe I will be happy to hear your mind
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  1. hmm just looked at prices, your looking between ~$300 for the P6t or ~$380 for the Rampage 2 Gene.

    I wouldnt spend near $400 on a motherboard, go for the cheaper one, If you aren't set on ASUS Intel makes an X58 that is only $250
  2. The gene is $240 not $380 - poster above is looking at the Rampage Extreme.

    I was trying to make the same decision here and went with the Gene because of its feature set.

    First board did not work and had to RMA. The LCD poster did not work on the second one - kept it anyway. I'm having a ton of difficulties installing all the drivers and utilities with windows 7. You might have the same issue on the other board as well. Kaspersky antivirus 7 didn't work with win 7 - had to DL the newest version, but then I had problems with the activation code. Internet connection sometimes disappears and i have to disable and re-enable the LAN in the bios to get it back. I'm sure there will be a fix for this eventually.

    On the other hand, once I get everything working, I think i'm going to enjoy all the features the Gene has to offer. The utilities and OC features seem like they will be useful and easy to use. The micro-atx form hasn't been a negative. It will fit 2 vid cards in SLI/Crossfire without a problem - but by doing so, you will lose the ability to add a separate sound card - shouldn't be a problem if the built in sound is good enough for you.

    The built in X-Fi is good, but I'm not crazy about the EAX feature - it adds more cool background sound effects, but it also makes everything sound like your in an auditorium - no matter which audio selection you pick. It can be disabled for more natural sound. I would not buy this board if you're planning on buying a separate sound card.

    That's about all the insight I can give you for now...
  3. Sorry Orbbro,

    your right there, I'm just quite frustrated with my asus lately, thats why I suggest intel, but they do have nice features.

    I've always thought that if you can get all the features you want on an mATX size go for it. it will give you case flexibility and let you do some better cable management so I vote gene
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