Making noctua d14 look better??

is there any way to make the d14 look any better? has anyone put black fans on it instead of the ones it came with or something and if so how does it look.

y did they have to make it look so dam ugly lol.
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  1. Just the fans look bad, black fans would look pretty good I guess, black and silver just like my Megashadow. The Noctua fans are very high quality fans though.
  2. You could always mask them and spray paint the outside housing. The fins will still be poop brown though. XD

    I know they may have wanted a unique look to separate them from others, but... brown? There are a lot of people who would immediately turn away, regardless of the cooler's quality.
  3. The only fans i know of that even come close to the quality of Noctua fans are Scythe,Nexus(Yate Loon),and Thermalright.
  4. Yeah I'd say if you absolutely must, just spray paint the fans but use as little as possible... You don't want a think goopy layer. And be very careful to tape up near the bearings/motor
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