Motherboard or memory three beebs.

This started with a new Intel MB #DP43tf. I replaced the board because I started having problems at boot up. Some times it would freeze at the MB screen graphic other times not even that. I cleared bios and it fixed it for a few days then it started happening again. My conclusion was that the bios chip must be going bad. So I bought the Intel. I put it all together and now it nothing would happen, I mean as far as seeing anything on the screen. I thought well maybe the cpu was bad. I asked the forum and I checked a few things and found that my cpu's FSB did not meet the minimum requirements for the board. The chip I had was P4 lga775 core duo 2.6gz 553 fsb. The chip I just bought is E6300 2.80 GHz core 45nm FSB 1066MHz socket LGA775 L2Cache 2mb PCG 06. This chip was on the list from Intel for this board. So I thought problem solved. Now on boot up I still get no graphics and I get three long beeps. So back to the forum everyone is saying memory, check MB paperwork to see if that's what the three beeps mean. Sure enough it says in the paperwork that if you hear three beeps your memory is either not compatible or it's not reading it for some reason, maybe not pushed in all the way or maybe one stick is bad ETC. I check it, yep it's not compatible. It to didn't meet the min requirements. I had DDR2 - 533, but the min. was 667. The MB info is ATX Form Factor, Supports 1333/1066/800 MHz system bus, Supports Dual_Channel DDR2 800/667 SDRAM Memory max 8 GB, PCI Express 2.0x16 Graphics Connector.
So I bought two sticks of memory after making sure that it was compatible. The memory I bought is Corsair CM2x2048-6400c5 1.80v, ver4.2, 5-5-5-18, 800Mhz, 2048 MB, xms2-6400. According to the chart on the Intel page for my board this should be compatible. But I'm still getting the three beeps. I took my 8800gt card out and put my 7300 card in to see if that might be the problem, nope. I pulled all cards out. Nothing changes. I've reached the point that I don't know what could possibly be the problem. I tried putting one stick in at a time, I made sure they were in the right slots, everything. I've just written to the Memory company to see if they have any idea's haven't heard back yet. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry this is so long but the last time I wrote everyone was saying to give more info, so there you go. Thanks.
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  1. Hard to really suggest anything else than trying different memory on your board/ trying those corsairs on somebody elses PC.

    BTW, in the QVL for that mobo on intels website the only corsair memory is a CM2x1024 2GB kit, not 4GB like the one you bought.
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