Stalker Clear Sky Benchmark, you try.

It's a few hundred megs, but you don't need to have the game to use it.

The ranked feature is pretty neat, at 1920X1200 DX10 no AA I score better than 98% of people who have run the benchmark. Give it a run and post some score!

Score: 6743 Ultra DX10

Specs: E8400 @ 3.9Ghz
4870X2 + 4870 1GB
4GB Mushkin
P5E X38
Vista 64
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  1. LOL thanks man, I 'd like to thank my parents, my friends, everybody who belived in me...
  2. have you tried overclocking your 4870 X2?

    Stalker is one of the games that seems to love overclocking.

    I didn't buy the game though or I would try, A) I didn't really like the series and B) from benchmarks I've seen I didn't want to like it :P.

    I mean it doesn't look as good as Crysis yet it gives ppl the same problem:P

    Either way congrads again for your setup:)
  3. Nothing but blue screens, 3 attempts.
  4. Crysis and Stalker have different 'looks' to them, I don't care what anybody says, Stalker is the most 'realistic' looking game ever made.
  5. Quote:
    I haven't even got through stalker yet for some reason, still downloaded and with everyhting maxed got a min FPS fo about 10 lol.

    Oh and it doesn't look that bad, crysis ain't all that really, god rays looked alot better and in it's own way it holds it's own.

    If only games would use the same method of smoothing vegetation as in call of juarez it would be great.

    Hey, run it ranked so I can see your score plz.

    Do DX10, Ultra, 0 AA Please
  6. Yea, the 'god rays' destroy frames, makes me wonder why they don't hurt frames much in Far Cry 2, which has excellent rays.
  7. What I think is different from this game too, is that its more dependant on graphics than CPU. Since it doesn't utilize dual core CPUs fully just like the previous stalker.

    Like I said try overclocking your video cards, and you'll see a very good response from the game.
  8. The first stalker was a great game just very poor coding made it hitch bad but I did enjoy the game play. Didn't buy the second one not willing to pay that much for something they pushed out early a second time, maybe I should have looked to see how this one ran before I made my mind up to not buy it. Did it also have some DRM on it like bioshock I won't buy that either it only effects the people that pay for it usually they have it cracked in the first week if not sooner from release.
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