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ASUS M2R32-MVP, 2 IDE cd/dvd drives, 1 sata HDD. My computer has worked fine w/ XP. Yesterday i was playing a game when we had a power outtage, only lasted a split second, but none the less all electric things got D/C'd. When i went to restart my computer, i get "reboot and select proper boot device". In BIOS, it seems that my 2 IDE drives are in tack and working. All 4 SATA connections don't detect anything. I've changed the boot list. Still nothing. Bought a new HDD (seagate sata 3.5 barracuda 500gb) and when i boot from the WinXP install cd and try to install, won't detect the hard drive. Put the old Hard drive in and same thing happens. Tried 2 different SATA cords. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  1. Try clearing your CMOS.
  2. cleared CMOS, didn't help
  3. i'm running out of ideas here. I have no floppy drive so i can't make a boot disk, nor do i have one available to install in my system on a temp basis. I got the XP to boot by booting off the WinXP install disk. Once the files loaded and gave me the 3 choices ( repair, install, exit) i just exited and it booted fine. BUT that was only once. Now it doesn't detect the hard drive NOR the new hard drive. PLEASE OH PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
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