Will not boot anything from dvd drive


I'm trying to install windows XP on another partition of my hard drive.
However, the CD does not boot from the DVD drive.

I set CD-ROM drive as first priority in the bios menu and disabled all other boot devices.

When I try to boot the CD it says Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter.

I noticed that my DVD tray only spins the CD after windows is booted and doesn't spin the CD on system start up.

I'm sure that's what I problem is, I need the DVD drive to spin the Boot CD as soon as my computer starts rather then after windows boots up.

System Specs:
EVGA x58 motherboard
6gigs G.Skill Trident DDR3 Ram (2000MHz)
WD RE3 500GB Hard Drive
i7 980x (4.4 GHz)
Corsair H50 Liquid CPU cooling
HAF X case
Samsung Super Write Master DVD-drive

if you need anymore info please say so.

EDIT - Both my Hard drive and DVD drive use SATA cables.
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  1. It sounds like the disc isn't bootable. If it's a burned disc, try reburning it.
  2. lol that was really stupid of me...

    Problem solved.

    Instead of selecing CD-ROM as my boot drive, I selected the other option that was my dvd drive. It was called Realtek DVDRW... Somthing like that.
  3. Good deal. Thanks for the update.
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