Cooling System Replaced...2 questions

I needed to clean my cooling system, but needed to remove the heat sink for efficient cleaning. I timed the process, 65 seconds is all it was off.

Do I really need to reapply thermal compound?

Second question.... So I cant remember what side to have up on the fan. It is a Delta Brushless. Should the arrow on the fan be pointing into the heatsink or away from it? Total airhead move not to remember which way it was.


My System Specs:
Dell Inspiron 530
Quad Core Processor
2 years old

hopefully thats all info needed. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Yes, reapply TIM it after cleaning.

    The airflow must go into the heatsink, so the fan arrow should be pointing into the heatsink.

    Hope this helps...
  2. I AGREE.
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