Best Cooler/Fan that will fit..

Hi All,

First off here is my system because my question relies on this info..

Mo Bo-P55-USB3
Ram-8GB G. Skill Ripjaws
Case-Cooler Master Storm Scout
PSU-ModXtreme 700Watt
Video Card - HD5770

OK-my cpu is currently running at around 3MHZ right now with the stock cooler. Multiplier is at 21 times 143 I believe. The only other things done were a minor cpu voltage increase and a slight memory voltage increase... When running at stock set up I was crashing constantly so I think voltages were too low.

Temps have gone up to as high as 60 in the first core under heavy load. Is this too high for this cpu? How high can this cpu run on a regular basis safely? Is there any thing I can do to the bios settings to cool things down without losing stability or speed?

I did try to lower the multiplier down to 19 but actually things got hotter.

Finally, I have been researching air cooling and some water cooling systems for my set up but I am just afraid of things fitting. I read some reviews about some set ups that fir very closely to the memory and those guys were not using all the slots like I plus my case isn't the roomiest around.

As for Water Cooling, the back of my pc where the radiator usually mounts is totally packed with wires etc and I just don't see anyplace to mount a radiator.

My ultimate goal is to have this cpu running at 3.6 full time and stable so a stock cooler will just not do it.

Can anyone please point out some coolers that will fit and in addition I could sure use some help with the bios settings. Am I ok with what I have done or not??

Thanks much,

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  1. Ive got the same case with a Zalman 9900, which according to HardOCP is one of the best air coolers around. Loved their testing methodology, but I digress. Also just ordered two 120x12mm Scythe fans that should still fit on the side wall to bring that much more cool air into the case.
    ^^^ review
    ^^^ retail

    I'm using AS5 paste with it BTW. Decided against what they included in the box because I'm just more familiar with the application and curing time of AS5.
  2. The i7860 can easily handle 60c, 70c + is a bit warm for that core. Temps in my Old Dell Studio XPS with the stock cooler reached 72.

    Some CPU cooler that can fit..just... It is the Coolermaster V8 cooler. It nearly touches the side panel but it fits. Temps for this Cooler is really good, and actually looks pretty good when you look through the side panel.

    Another CPU cooler that will definitely fit is the Corsair H50 Enclosed liquid cooler. It may be a be expensive, but it will fit. The fan it comes with is quite good, but if you want, you can keep your current Red fan and have a dual push pull fan setup. If you follow the instructions, its easier to put on then the V8, and its not exactly a proper water cooler.

    I don't exactly think that voltage tweaking for the CPU at low-ish overclocks are need. Just raise the BCLK and don't worry about the Memory volatage. Voltage increases are needed once you get to pretty high overclocks... such as maybe 3.86 or 4Ghz +.
  3. Thanks guys so much! I was worried because of some of the articles and reviews I read about the sizes of some of these coolers.

    Actually I did tons of research on the 9900 and that was my top choice but that was also the fan that had a problem nearly touching the memory and my RipJaws are pretty wide but who knows, he could have had a smaller motherboard.

    As for the memory voltage, I agree with you but after testing and testing and crash after crash I finally stabilized things by turning that voltage up to 1.560 when the standard was i.5 so I didn't move it up much at all.

    I read somewhere to turn it up a bit because of the amount of memory and because 8 gigs generally do not function well with this motherboard. I don't know how true that is but I know that at stock setting, optimized settings and even fail safe settings I was crashing all the time under load and now my system is faster and more stable than it has been ever.

    When I tried raising the cpu clck with out the voltage increase the same thing happened, crash after crash so I raised that voltage a very very small amount too. I will try to back off the voltages and see what happens.

    So as for over clocking, I know there are many that have over clocked the 860 to 4ghz and above but can you have a rock solid stable system at those speeds and is it something you can keep set up permanently? Does it decrease the life of your cpu??

    I use my system for gaming but I am also a web developer so I work with databases and processing images etc. Having a powerful system really is a must for me running 3 monitors and processing databases sometimes 2 at a time. Having the speed etc is needed but I also need my system to be stable and to not crash on me when I need it. Is this possible with a 4,o overclock because if it is than I change my goal from 3.6 to 4.0. :)

    Thanks again, You guys truly rock!

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  4. Man, you have to pull the motherboard to install the Zalman 9900.. That is a major drawback for me. I hate to have to basically disassemble my whole system for a cooler. It looks and sounds sweet though but I have to think about this and see what is involved with the other units..

    --I am an idiot--My case gives me access to the back plate so maybe I don't have to pull it..did you have to pull your motherboard Mcnugget? How did the install go? I have read it is a nightmare..

    --Hey, has anyone checked out the v10?? My God that thing is awesome!! I don't see how I could fit that over my memory and video card but I am in love. The V8 and the other units you guys mentioned all sound awesome but now I have to decide which one is best? Which one will cool the best, run the quietest and last the longest? Which one is the best for the money etc..

    I have read reviews and watched videos, I have read forum posts etc but it seems like nobody agrees with anyone else and that is including reviews! One review says one is the best and another site says something else. I just wish I could have all of them so I could install each one and test.. :)

    ##Update-After hours of research I have decided to go with the Cooler Master V10. I like the fact that it actually has 2 fans and one blows down onto the memory and the surrounding section of the board. I can't recall anyone talking about memory temperature but I would like to know how hotter temps effect memory and other components like hard drives for instance. Perhaps this would be a topic for another thread. Either way the V10 seems very solid, reliable and in reviews it has made major temperature changes. It is very quiet because of the 120 mm fans and the added bonus is the extra memory and board cooling.

    My only concern with this cooler is my memory. I believe RipJaws to be a little higher and larger than others so I contacted Cooler Master to see what they would say. This will also be an unintended small test of their customer support.

    The one con with this cooler besides being very large and heavy is that it costs around $125 I believe. Hopefully it has a decent warranty..

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  5. What is your intended overclock? The Zalman is not that great of a cooler, just like the Cooler Master 212 Plus it is great up to a 3.6-3.8 after which the more expensive and larger coolers really start to show what they can do, except the Zalman cooler already is an expensive cooler. Also note the sound levels of the Zalman in comparison to for example Prolimatech Megahalems in the link.
  6. That Zalman cooler wouldn't be on my list for a new cooler.
    The new CNPS10X Zalman's are much better imo.
    As someone else pointed out the CM Hyper 212+ is a very good choice.
    Just about all good coolers will require a backplate.
    Xigmatek HDT-S1283 line is also very good.
  7. I know my post's were long and rambling so I understand if you missed them. lol

    I decided on the Cooler Master V10, have you guys checked it out at all??

    As far as OC goals I would say as high as I can go and be stable on a full time regular basis.. I would be happy with a range of 3.6 to 4...

    Yeah, I wrote that about the mother board removal before I realized my case has back plate access without removal..I believe the V10 is one of the best air cooled coolers out there...

    I will check out your suggestions though. Thanks. :)
  8. Wow--This one is so cheap compared to the V10 and it was the top review at this site.

    Pretty cool--I like the fact though that the V10 cools memory and motherboard components too.. I wonder which one cools better in regards to btus removed or I guess they go by watts.. I believe the V10 has over 200 watts of cooling power but I am not sure. I saw that in one of their videos I believe..

    if your going to spend that much then put this on the two 120mm fan slots in a push pull set up. This is the next cooler I'm going to get.
    ^^^ review

    Also, yes, I pulled the motherboard. The Zalman was also hard to install in a rush, I was on my way to a LAN, but having remounted later with more time and better thermal paste applications it became alot more manageable.
  10. Well if your going for the gusto the V-8 or V-10 for that matter have never made any short list for air-coolers i've seen.
    Those spots are held by the Megahalems,Noctua D-14,Thermalright Venomous X,and the Thermaltake Frio.
    Just saying.
  11. Yes, I believe you are right but I believe the V10 is fairly new and I am not sure if it was tested in any of these tests. I am still looking though and I have started looking into water cooling as well.

    One of the posters here was right, if I am going to spend that much on a cooler than I might as well go water cooling. I am still hoping to find an air cooler and I do like the units you mentioned too so who knows.

    In addition, if I don't have to spend $150 I will have some money to buy 2 more large case fans and maybe even a cmos fan.

    You guys are all being an enormous help and I feel much better now about these units fitting into my case even with the RipJaws memory which was my main concern at first.


    Actually after more research I found that the V10 is right in the ball park with the top performers and it was even mentioned in the review of the megeliams but it is way more expensive than all of those. The only thing though is the megeliam or what ever it is called does not even come with a fan and the V10 comes with 2 so that does narrow the price factor down a bit but the venomous x is much cheaper and is a great cooler too. I have to check and see what that includes but for the money that sounds like the best deal.
  12. One of the problems might be the Ripjaws which typically have tall heat sinks that often interfere w/many coolers. Benchmarkreviews IMO does the most exhaustive HS tests and couple of things you'll find out by looking at the reviews there:

    1. AS5 takes about a year to cure under normal usage.

    2. The psuedo water coolers like the H50 run about 5C hotter than the best air cooled units.

    3. The Megahalems still rules the roost for air coolers....with the Scythe Mugen-2 SCMG-2100 running close behind at about half the price.
  13. Yeah, the ripjaws have been my major concern and that was the main reason for this thread in the first place. There are others though with this memory that have had some of these coolers working so hopefully I will be ok.

    Thanks for your input. I didn't know the water cooled units ran so much hotter. Right now I am basically trying to figure out best value for the dollar because I can't see spending an extra $50 to $75 for 1 to 3 degrees of cooling...

    In regards to the V10 not being mentioned in any top reviews it is not true. I have just looked at many reviews where the V10 was a top 2 or 3 contender. I like the Megahalems but I cannot believe they sell it not including a fan or two.. I haven't checked out the Scythe mugen yet but I will do so now.

    To be honest here I think I would be fine with any of these coolers..

    Can you guys tell me what systems you have, how much over clocked your cpu is and what cooler you have?

  14. JackNaylorPE said:
    Benchmarkreviews IMO does the most exhaustive HS tests and couple of things you'll find out by looking at the reviews there:

    1. AS5 takes about a year to cure under normal usage.

    2. The psuedo water coolers like the H50 run about 5C hotter than the best air cooled units.

    AS5 has a 200 hour cure time, if you only use your computer for little more than half an hour a day ( Is that normal ? ) then, yes, it can take a year.
    The claim is that you will see a 2-3º improvement, I haven't noticed it .

    Here's a couple of things you can also find at Benchmark

    An 11.3º difference between the Megahalems and the H50 when using YL HS fans
    They also claim an 8.3º difference with stock fans although they used a Slipstream that outputs roughly 25 cfm more than the H50's stock fan ( because the Megalahems doesn't come with a stock fan )

    Here they show only a 5.2º difference when using the same overclock and YL HS fans from above

    Either they're confused or biased or just not consistent in thier testing , doesn't matter, other reviews have shown that when equipped with the same fans the two coolers perform on par with each other.
  15. I am interested in what you guys use and what your systems are running at, temps, clock, voltage..

    The reviews are just not helping me anymore. No 2 reviews seem the same or even close and there are just too many variables.

    I am not only interested in cooling ability but I am concerned with noise levels, reliability and how long it will last. I do not want to have to change a pump or a fan every few months.

    I also find it hard to justify spending soo much money for a couple degrees. I cannot remember which cooler it was but one of the units someone suggested here in this thread sells for around $30 and seemed very competitive even with the top coolers(air) that is.. I saw another one that had a 6 year warranty but I don't know the price and I cannot even remember which unit it was.

    I think I will have better luck with this if I can get real world experience from you guys.

    Here is my goal and why I need this cooler basically.

    My main computer is used for gaming and work. Speed is important with what I do and you can read what I do in one of the above posts. Reliability and stability are both major factors. Another use I haven't mentioned is media recording. I have an amazing tv tuner card that allows me to record 2 shows at once. I use media center and my computer is running 24/7. When I am not watching tv I am working and very often I am recording tv shows with media center in the backround and working at the same time.

    i believe my cpu is running at about 3gz right now but I would really like to have it operating at 3.6gz to 3.8gz on a regular basis and occasionally when I plan on hard core gaming or database processing I would like to boost it to 4gz or above and I would use this setting for maybe a few hours..

    Questions -

    #1 - Reviews aside - which air cooled cooling system will allow me to accomplish my goals for the least amount of money? I am not concerned with looks, only functionality.

    #2 - Is anyone running a 4gz overclock with the I7-860 on a regular basis and for how long have you been using it this way?

    For a laugh check this link out.

    Seems like just yesterday we were so happy to get an over clock that even our cheapest cpus double now running at idle.. lol

    Thanks guys for all of your help. I really believe that making the right purchase is vital and in addition I am learning so much I never knew about this topic. I never realized the amount of science and engineering put into cooling units.

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  16. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to give an update on recent events.

    I purchased the Titan for around $60 and it only took a few days to arrive. The install was a bit of an issue. I thought with my coolermaster storm case I could get away with accessing the back of the motherboard without having to remove it but there was just no room to even screw in the finder tightened screws they provided.

    So, no problem, I pulled the motherboard and installed the unit and then discovered the fan hits my G Skill memory because they have very large heatsinks.

    If I install the fan on the otherside of the cooler it will be right next to(within 1 inch) of the rear case fan.. It actually isn't the fan hitting the memory, it is the mounting clip.

    I did manage to install everything but the fan is sitting a bit higher than it should be.

    As for air flow direction, I followed the example in the images provided. The fans are facing with the open end out and the enclosed end onto the cooler. To be honest I am not sure if we are pulling or pushing but I believe I am pulling right now which is an issue.

    Keep in mind that I did not install the case fans and the way they are right now is the front and the rear are both intakes and the exhaust is expected to go through the vent in the side panel. I believe I have to change this. I did install a small fan as an exhaust on the side door..

    It works out in one way if the cpu fan is pulling and the rear case fan is also pulling then I am getting freshcool outside air through the cpu.. I am just not sure how good this is for the rest of the components..

    As for temps--before the cooler standard idle temps were averaging around 45 to 50. At idle with the cooler the coolest core averages in the low 30's with the inside hotter cores averaging mid to high 30's//

    Under heavy load--all 4 cores really humping like processing a database or running handbrake I actually had to stop before with the stock cooler because the cpu was going up past 80/85c... With the cooler installed I can have full bore out mad dogging and only get up to 45 or 50 tops..

    I currently am getting these temps with an over clock. Clockspeed is set at I think 145 right now with memory voltage up from1.5 to 1.560.. I believe I can go with a decent overclock now and keep things cool...

    My GPU runs much hotter than the cpu and I was wondering what is too hot for the GPU? I assume it is not overheating because the GPU fan doesn't kick on rarely ever to 100%.. My Gpu averages in the high 40's but goes up quickly when working...

    One other note about this Titan CPU cooler in the Coolermaster Storm case.. The top of the cooler is only a quarter of an inch from the side panel. This side panel has an option to mount 2=120 fans and I was planning on this but only one will fit not unless I keep one mounted on the outside which I don't think would be practical.

    This cooler barely fit... Besides the fan clip rubbing against the top of the memory, the bottom of the cooler is touching one of the cooling fins attached to the motherboard. It is a very tight fit indeed but it is a hell of a cooler for $60..

    I am glad I went with this instead of the V10 because there is no way the V10 would have ever fit..

    Thanks so much guys for all the help!! I will be posting again soon to get some help over clocking..

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