Unallocated Drive Space

I just built a new computer and did a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit. During the installation I created three partitions on my 1TB drive.

Onlyy 2 of the partitions showed up, so I went to disk management and found that the third is not assigned a drive letter and is shown as "unallocated space". I tried right clicking on it and formating, but that was not an option.

Also, I have another 320GB drive that no partitions exist on, and the whole drive shows up as unallocated space.

I don't want any partitions on the 320GB, and I want to keep my partitions on the 1TB, but I want to use it (obviously).

Here is a shot of diskmgmt:

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  1. Solved.

    New Simple Volume was apparantly the command I was looking for.
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