Buying a GPU and avoiding CPU bottlenecking

I have been reading around and one thing i just read was about your CPU bottlenecking your GPU? What i'd like to know is if my current set up is being bottlenecked. Also how to gauge it and avoid it[ overclocking ETC]

I was thinking about getting 2 3870's or a 4870 [definately a new PSU] although ever since i read about the bottlenecking i thought i might have to ask around before i drop the money. Any guidance welcomed

O.S.: Windows XP x64 Professional SP2
CPU: AMD Phenom 2.2ghz 9500 Quad Core
Motherboard: MSI K9A2-Platinum AMD790fx based.
Hard Disk:Maxtor 100gb SATA 7200rpm
Graphics Card: VisionTek Radeon 3870HD 512 gddr4
Monitor:Samsung 21.6" LCD display
Memory: OCZ Platinum Revision-2 PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel 4Gb
Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2-430w
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  1. Edit Didnt see your 21" monitor. I would recommend a single 4850 for that. The 4870 and crossfire3870's will use more power then what your 430 watt PSU can supply.

    CPU's ussually don't become a bottleneck till you get into SLI or Xfireing large cards like the 4870x2 and 200 series cards.
  2. Yeah im probable going to picking up a 600 watt Ultra PSU. So your saying if i got a bigger PSU and if i did happen to pickup additional 3870's bottlenecking might not be an issue with the Phenom i have? im probable goign to scrap more 3870s and just pick up an 4850 or two.
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