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hello i recently purchased a gtx 460 and was wondering if anybody has found a good stable oc for the card. I use evga precision to do my oc's. If you dont have any stable oc's than i want some overclocking advice like what increments to go up by 5, 10 , 20? anyways thanks!!

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  1. really nobody ahs oc'd this card!? btw i have the 768mb version so for the memory clock
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    Did you buy the EVGA superclock version or the stock clock? if you bought the stock, you should be able to run it safely at the superclock speeds... as the cooling units are the same (the superclock just costs $10 more)
    They are: 763 core (675 is stock), 1526 shader (1350 stock), 3800 memory (3600 stock)
  3. lowriderflow, i jsut checked through evga precisiona dn it looks like i bought the stock version i will try the superclock settings and see how those work thanks bro. so do you think this thing can oc higher than that or whould i have to do a voltage mod?
  4. Performance

    NVIDIA GTX 460
    763 MHz GPU
    336 CUDA Cores
    400 MHz RAMDAC
    768 MB, 192 bit GDDR5
    3800 MHz (effective)
    91.2 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
    PCI-E 2.0 16x
    DVI-I, DVI-I, Mini-HDMI
    SLI Capable
    Resolution & Refresh
    240Hz Max Refresh Rate
    2048x1536 Max Analog
    2560x1600 Max Digital
  5. one evga precision the cards memory clock only goes up to 2880mhz why is it sayint that stock it comes at 3600 and you can oc it to 3800??
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  7. WOAHHH hold up. dont go skyrocketing the memory clocks to 2880! those numbers are multiplied by two!

    so stock should read 1800 in your software "which effectively gives you 3600mhz -stock clock) - you overclock it to 19000mhz - thats effectively your 3800mhz of the superclock
  8. I wouldnt go any higher than the speeds of the overclocked versoin I listed above. That unit has the same cooling setup, so it should be safe to go to there. I wouldn't take it any higher
  9. okay haha, well i used those oc's and for some reason bfbc2 kept shutting down (crashing) to my desktop and then i shut off evga presicion adn played and it didnt crash once? i have never ahd this problem kinda odd maybe my card is a dud for oc's
  10. You may need more voltage... and it's as simple as watching your temps. As long as you find a safe limit for your card, and monitor it, you won't have any issues. Just because you can't set it to SC clocks on stock voltage, doesn't mean it's a dud. If you don't mind a bit more noise, you can easily increase the fan speed and keep your temps lower than stock, all while having an overclocked card. Noise doesn't bother me because I use headphones, but it might not be your thing.

    Some people don't increase voltage, but to me that's part of overclocking. It's your call. I had cards OC'd to all hell that were rock solid for 2 years until I sold them.
  11. temps is absloutly no problem with this bad boy this is by far the most effiecient card i have ever seen evga precision doesnt even let you put tthe fans above 70 on this thing because mine idles at like 35-40 degrees with auto fan on
  12. Increasing memory clock will give a good FPS boost especially if using AA. Increase in 25mhz increments, and test with FurMark. If it gets slower or stutters then you need to back it off, or if it crashes/BSODs. For core I prefer to go 50mhz increments. Increase until artifacts appear or other errors, then either back it off or add 0.02V and see if it's stable.
  13. thanks for the advice man, its very helpful
  14. so i have overclocked the crap out of this card and have seen little to no difference in fps while playing battlefield bad company 2! someone help!! at time the fps is worse. i realize this is only a 768mb card and i am trying to play the game at a high resolution 1920x1080 but there is no reason why i shouldnt be getting atleast 35 fps? someone helppppp
  15. What are your in game settings? In terms of resolution, Antialiasing, AF, and overall game quality (very high, high etc)
  16. res 1920x1080 wich i believe is the problem because its only the 768mb version but other than that i run both at 8x
  17. 8x? 8xAA? That would be the problem far moreso than the resolution.
  18. Does anyone know how to change the processor clock in evga's precision software. The slider is grayed out for me and I can't type anything into the field.
  19. Kakashi, the core clock is exactly 1 half of the shader clock you see in the software.

    IE: Set the shader clock to 1526 and your core clock will automatically go to 763. Hope that helps!
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