To upgrade, directx 10 on XP or vista?

Right so here's where I'm sitting. I have a AMD X2 4600 CPU and when I got it some cheap motherboard I'm to lazy to check on. chuckles. Anywho, also sitting on a 1950 ATI card. I wonder what I should do. I plan on switching up to a direct x 10 card but I'm also running XP. I have a copy of vista I can switch up to without needing to get another hard drive. I am also sitting with 2 gigs of 800 DDR2. So here's my wonder. I talked to a guy at work who tells me you can run 10 with XP which is news to me. I had planned on switching to a new card and then upgrade to vista and likely getting another 2 gigs of ram. Potentially also getting a decent motherboard costing more then 40 bucks.

Does any of this make sense as it is a lot of rambleings at the moment. I do intend to get a new card but if I can sit with XP and use 10 I really don't need to do much more to stay relatively current until the new AMD CPU comes out soon which is still running DDR2 on the same board. Opinions?
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  1. There's no official way to run DirectX 10 on XP. You might get a virus or spyware if you download things that claim to add DirectX 10 to XP.

    The good news is you can still upgrade to something like HD 4850 and use it on XP. It will work very nicely. OK, Crysis in DirectX 9 is not quite as great looking as in DirectX 10, but it's still great anyway. Lots of other games look exactly the same in DX9 and DX10 anyway.
  2. That was my concern about trying to run it. Was looking at going to a 4850 with maybe a gig of ram and then switching to vista. As far as I know 10 is only working on vista and that's the deal. I know most games are not using or looking different in 10 but I know more are going so it just makes sense to switch over as much as I don't want to. Course doing that then I need the extra 2 gigs of ram to. Been a bit of a delema only because it's on a budget.
  3. Yeah, I bet future games will take better advantage of DX10. You could play on XP for another year and then go directly to Windows 7, I guess.
  4. See now that I've been hearing a lot about Windows 7 I've been wondering if that would make more sense. I hear vista is better with service pack 1 but still wondering if I want to go through the hassel of backing up about 150 gigs or random crap, installing it, drivers, all that crap. I got the time but am I really going to see an improvement? Be out about 200 for card and ram so, tough call my opinion.
  5. No idea about that. It depends on your favorite games.

    But you should back up your 150 gigs anyway :)
    You'd need about $7 worth of blank DVD+R disks.
  6. Yea and DVD's I have so would be wise to back it all up. mostly just music and shows and crap. nothing that can't be replaced.
    mostly rolling RTS and FPS games. Most do make use. We'll see. Thanks for the reply's
  7. Had similar dillemma lately, decided to go and install Vista. Only compared it in Crysis though. Yeah, looks a bit better but to me its nothing to write home about and definately nowhere near to justify general performance decrease. OK, i have only 2 gigs of ram which probably was the main reason(others: OCd rad4850 and e5200@3.6ghz) but anyway, today im back on XP :) If i were you i would wait for win7
  8. Oh yes, Vista is a sad experience with 2GB. Much better with 4.
  9. I guess Im getting another 2gb
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