Internal Graphics Problem.....Please Help!!

My computer's specifications.....
motherboard-Intel DG31PR
RAM-2.00 GB
Processor- Intel Pentium D Dual Core 2.80ghz (2 CPU's)

at dxdiag on run menu it shows 224 mb of graphics memory (Internal Graphics) when i set it 2 maximum DVMT in the BIOS....
but i am not able to play NFS Underground, that runs on less than 128 mb of graphics memory....
as well as many other games that all my friends play on 512mb of RAM nd wid d internal graphics.....when i had 512mb of RAM i still couldn't play NFS Underground...i cant figure out the problem......i have installed all the drivers correctly.......

thnxx in advance!!!
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  1. IF you're going to play games, invest in a 3D card. Don't bother with the G31 integrated graphics as it will just frustrate you.
    With your CPU, anything more than 4850 or 9800 GT will be bottlenecked. Or since your since mainboard supports 45 nm CPUS, get a 9800 GT now and an e8400 later.

  2. Having a large amount of RAM allocated to you IGP (Intigrated Graphics Processer) =! good gaming performance.
    Intel IGP's are about as worthless as you can get for gaming.
    Get a cheap 4670 and show your friends how much better a real GPU will let you game.

    Also, learn 2 English.
    Reading that gave me a headache.
  3. [to HundredIslandsBoy]

    thankyou vry much....i think dats the only thing i need 2 do nw....dat info came handy 2 me....
  4. [to outlw6669]
    thankyou vry much 4 d advice....i need 2 get a graphics card....
    bt i don't see nethin wrong in wat i wrote.....maybe u don't understand d new generation's language....
    y don't u see the second last line u wrote....see if u find any mistakes there...
  5. hey, :hello: i am not having any graphic card installed in my computer but though nfs underground was running on my computer. but now after i installed new window i'm not able to play the game :( please help if you can
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