Flash hardware acceleration and crashes when overclocking

When I overclock my GPUs over the settings that are provided by CCC, I consistently crash machine when hardware acceleration is on in Flash. Now this is not only when going full screen, but it happens every time, on any size of a Youtube movie.

Is there anything I could do about that aside from waiting for Flash to get an upgrade and maybe the 10.7 Catalyst?
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  1. Have you tested your overclocks out? They might be completely unstable. Have you played games?
  2. I've done a stability test with Kombustor, played Crysis, Mass Effect and a long session of Dragon Age, all without problems. Watching part of a 1080p movie with MPC HC also wasn't a problem.

    Installed Catalyst 10.7 which replaced 10.6. It didn't help with the Flash issue, although it did increase my Kombustor score fom 18075 to 19876 points (Res:1920x1200(FS) - AA:Off - PostFX:ON; average of five runs).
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