Would I benefit from changing to vista??

uhhhm. I have a

conroe865GV motherboard
2x 2GB DDR1 @ 333Mhz dual channel(667Mhz)
Pentium D 2.66Ghz 2MB L2 cache
2x80GB IDE Seagate HDD 7200RPM 75mbps
1x40GB IDE Maxtor HDD 7200RPM ??mbps
1xDVCD writer
600W PSU
Nvidia MX4000 64MB
(planning to upgrade to Nvidia series 6 with 256MB, pixel shader 2.0 next month)

I'm currently using two monitors, one on the onboard and the other on the expansion card ^_^

I want to play Total War II Kingdoms

Currently have WIndows XP SP3 Pro for a year now.,.
Do I get any advantage when I upgrade to vista??
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  1. Don't. Your computer will choke on Vista, even after the upgrade the nVidia series 6. Sorry... :(
  2. BTW, Vista has DirectX 10 but you won't benefit from it unless you buy a 9600GT or other DirectX 10 card. So again, no serious benefit there from Vista with your setup.

    You'd also need 4 GB of RAM for decent performance under Vista.
  3. OK!!! then I guess I won't , maybe after when I get a job, I'd be able to buy myself a good computer... ^_^I'm only 17 years old, still in college, so still have to learn much more!!! thanks a lot!!

    also, about the installing it, I was hesitating because I knew that I can only get major advantage in vista by having more than 4GB of ram ^_^
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