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Well,I have here a PNY XLR8 8800GTS 640MB which has been sitting next to me for quite some time now. I have been looking for a Power supply that can run it,an Nforce 430mobo with an AMD Athlon 64X2 5000+ processor,LightScribe Cd drive, and a Samsung 400GB 7200RPM HD. The specs on the card ask for +26A on the +12V rail minimum. I need one that is reliable enough and under 30 bucks,could anyone help me on this? PS:I have a chinese no-name 400W PSU I got for 10 bucks that is running my 7300GT,it has not given me any problems for over 8 months now.
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  1. also,if it HAS to be a little over 30,that would be ok,not like I'm a total cheapo
  2. Go with Corsair, PC Power Cooling, Seasonic, Antec.

    Corsair 400CX, 12V = 30A. Plenty power. 40.00 after MIR

    Antec Neopower 430W - 65.00
  3. Seasonic SS-400ES 400W - 54.99 12V=30A Combined

    FSP Group FSP-400 - 50.00 12V=30A

    It pays to have a good PSU. A bad one can take almost anything thats connected to it. It could lead to a dead motherboard etc. Good luck!
  4. So a PSU with dual or tri 12V rails at 15-16 amps will give me a total of 30-32 amps in all? I wasn't sure if it was just a more stable system at 15A or a combined amperage rating
  5. not always, sometimes the combined amperage is slightly lower than adding the 12v rails.
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