Intel i5 750 3.8ghz question(s)

Hey guys and gals,

This was my first build and my first time playing around with the bios and overclocking, was hoping the community could take a look at this screen shot the cpu-z and the core temp and tell me if anything looks way off or that I should be concerned about..The timings on my ram apparently came off so in order to not get a BSOD I had to go in and change the timings manually which some how overclocked my comp from the beginning

Also why under the memory tab does it say Channels # Single when its dual channel ram?

Does the voltage/temps look ok? The temps are idle temps after some causual gaming for a couple hours

Windows XP SP3
i5-750 @ 3.8ghz / Thermaltake Silent 1156 CPU Cooler
Gigabyte P55 UD2 mobo
4gb DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Gskill Ripjaws
500gb barracuda
MSI GTS250 Twin Frozr 1gb GDDR3

I noticed once I started playing with RAM settings I lost Turbo, until I made BIOS changes on the Advanced CPU Core Features page:
Intel Turbo Boost Tech. - changed from Auto to Enabled
CPU Cores Enabled - left as All
CPU Multi-Threading - left as Enabled
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) - from Auto to Enabled
C3/C6/C7 State Support - from Auto to Enabled
CPU Thermal Monitor - from Auto to Enabled
CPU EIST Function - from Auto to Enabled
Bi-Directional PROCHOT - from Auto to Enabled

I just want to make sure I'm not burning through this i5 and it will be dead in a 6months lol
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  1. In regards to your memory. That should identify dual channel.
    Did you install your two dimms in the white slots ?
    The first slot closest to the cpu is left open blue
    The next is white, the furthest away is white.
  2. good call on that lol dumb mistake i have to correct, how does everything else look? voltage, temps, etc...
  3. As Notty22 has just mentioned, the white slots are channel A. You should have both in the white slots first.

    You should also run a stress program (Prime95, OCCT, IBT, etc.) to see what your load temps are.
  4. Looking good so far. Stress test it, though, to find trouble areas in cooling or the overclock.
  5. After placing your ram in the correct slots, I think you have a bios memory selection to allow using profile 1 which should set the memory to correct CL ratings and voltage. Note may need to redo your OC as it may adjust your clock and cpu multiplier.

    As others posted, Run prime 95 to verify stability and Temps under load. Also monitor your +12V rail - Didn't catch what PSU you are using.

    I have the P55-UD4P board. First I set memory to profile 1, Ran memtest86 from boot CD. Then after loading win 7, I used Easytune 6 and selected Max overclock (set it to 3.8). Went in an decreased Vcore. Currently reset the multiplier to 3.2 GHz and when I need the boost to 3.8, I'll just reset the multiplier.

    I used the Thermaltake Silent 1156 CPU Cooler on my wife's I3-540 build - Much better than stock, But not great for higher end OC. For higher OCs I prefer one with a Backing plate. - Also reason to stress test and monitor Temps.
  6. At this point it's looking good but you need to run a stress test like LinX or Intel Burn Test or Prime95 to check stability and also to check temps.
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