Crazy artifacting and crashing

Hi, I have been useing my computer for two years now, and over the past week any time I try and launch a game within seconds of reaching the menue or starting the game the game starts to artifact and crash and one time it BSOD'd anything 3D pretty much crashes up. Obviously the video card is fowling up, but it still displays the desktop normaly and most applications, so it makes me think of the power supply. If someone with some more experience mind takeing a look at my CPUZ's pics and help me figure this out.

8800 GTX
3 gigs RAM
680i mobo
water cooling for mobo and processor
750 watt PSU
all stock cloocked

Also I have a GTX 295 im switching too soon.
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  1. lots of things kill video cards .

    Yours still works in 2D mode so you are lucky , but my experience is that when you get to that stage you will start to get artifacting everywhere before too long

    Check the voltages your PSU is supplying
  2. It's in the pictures, I don't know whats acceptable.
  3. Can you check in the pictures please?
  4. RedWinterWolf said:
    Can you check in the pictures please?

    looks like overheating to me your gpu temp is high 62'c does it start artifacting straight away or after a while of playing games ?
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