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My friend just built a new computer a couple of weeks ago. He installed Windows 7 onto a 64GB SSD. Computer ran fine these last couple of weeks then my brother's computer went down. He needed to access a file on his desktop so he removed his IDE hd and set it as master and installed it onto the new computer. He moved the file onto the SSD which was now the slave and turned the computer off. He then removed the IDE went back into the BIOS and set the SSD back to Master and was prompted to restart the computer. When he restarted we get an error message saying no hard drive detected then it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor. After a while a new message appears telling us to reboot and select boot drive or insert boot media. We rebooted and went back into the BIOS and the it is detecting the SSD but still won't boot. Any suggestions would be great right about now!
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  1. First, aren't SSD SATA? SATA doesn't require a master/slave set up. SATA are all masters.

    Second, check the boot order in BIOS. Set is to the SSD, regardless if it's IDE or SATA, as first boot.
  2. Also check the controller, for an SSD it should be AHCI, not IDE
  3. Right! But only on an Intel based motherboard.

    Edit: I have since been corrected. Not ONLY Intel mobo, but some NVidia too.
  4. You could try fixmbr or fixboot from recovery console. It sounds like the mbr might have been changed since you changed the active drive.
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